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Wavrate - Multiple codec evaluation software

Wavrate tool is designed for blind listening tests. Up to 8 codecs could be evaluated in one session. Built-in support for hidden reference + anchor (MUSHRA) testing like professional tests done at EBU. Some of the features:
  • Automatic randomization (no cheating possible)
  • Codec ranging from 1.0 (annoying) to 5.0 (excellent)
  • Slider for playback range selection (for long samples)
  • You can write your own tests
  • Built-in ability to allow comments for each sample
  • Easy-to-use GUI

Download Wavrate from here (116kb).

Test sets
The files in these test sets are compressed with LPAC. They have to be uncompressed before opening a project in Wavrate, otherwise Wavrate will crash.
128kbps castanets test set (results)

Links to other listening tests
Roberto's listening tests features results of several public listening tests of AAC codecs against other audio compression formats.
ff123's page contains an amazing amount of information about blind listening tests, several tools and some tests he conduced.

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