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FAAC anonymous CVS access
You can read more about command line CVS interface at sourceforge

WinCVS instructions:
1. Download WinCVS at and install it.

Anonymous Access to the FAAC CVS repository
1. Start WinCVS
2. Select Admin -> Preference -> General

3. Set CVSROOT to
(be sure that faac is spelled with lower case letters)
(if the above CVSROOT doesn't work try
Set Authentication to '"passwd" file on the cvs server'
4. (only for the first time before you get correct checkout directory)
Admin -> Login
When it asks you for password just press enter.
5. Create -> Checkout module for selection
(This menu is enabled when you select some directory in WinCVS browser window)
It asks you for directory (your local), then for name of the module.
Now there are three modules available:
- faad2 - for new GPL decoder
- faad - for old LGPL decoder
- faac - for LGPL encoder
Then it starts to download the sources and you may see the progress in the bottom status window of WinCVS (or if you're unlucky you'll see errors)

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